A series of colored pencils of various lengths
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What is semantic versioning?

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const array: string[] = [ 'Scooby', 'Dooby', 'Dooby', 'Doo' ];

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Approach One: The Ugly

const array: string[] = [ 'Scooby', 'Dooby', 'Dooby', 'Doo' ];
const uniques: string[] = [];

version 6.3
" General
" Text width set to 78
set textwidth=78
" Set the title string
set title
set titlestring=%t%(\ %M%)%(\ (%{expand(\"%:~:.:h\")})%)%(\ %a%)
" List chars
set lcs=tab:>-,trail:�
" Set no-compatible
set nocp
" Write…

At some point during an application’s development, you’ll eventually come across some data in a component that you will need to share with another component. In Angular, we can accomplish this multiple ways.

Scenario 1: Passing data from a parent component to its child

import { Component, Input } from '@angular/core';@Component({ 
selector: 'app-child',
template: `name = ${name}`
export class ChildComponent {
@Input() name: string = '';}

...<div class="resizers"
<div class="resizer right"></div>
<div class="resizer left"></div>
<div class="resizer bottom"></div>
<div class="resizer top"></div>
<div class="resizer top-right"></div>…

<div #wrapper class="frame-wrapper">
<div #topBar></div>
<div class="content-wrapper"></div>
<div class="resizers"></div>
.frame-wrapper {
position: absolute;
border: 2px solid black;
.content-wrapper {

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